Unity, C# - Release June 2020

Box Voyage is a puzzle-lite adventure game set in a cruise in a box that requires you, an overworked & undercompensated coprorate employee, to complete puzzles to fill your fun meter and have an enjoyable, legally required vacation. In a box.

Box Voyage released on June 1. The game was just an idea in Summer 2019 and began development a few months later. I helped craft this game from prototype, to pitch and helped to foster honest scheduling, and healthy team communication. Box Voyage is now available on Steam!

You can read more about my experience here

My goal as Systems Programmer has been to build and support the base architecture for all of the game's interactions and maintain our custom cube-based loading system and traversal while support our code team, and communicating clearly with art & design as a lead. I also performed buildmaster tasks and ran meetings for our 4-person code team.
Unity, C# - Released June 2019

Reboot tasks the player with taking control of a CRT on roller skates in order to navigate through a bowl shaped satellite level in order to beam a transmission back to earth. You must navigate various obstacles around the bowl shaped environment to pick up enough speed to exit the level.

Reboot was an invaluable experience as a memeber of an 11 person team and as a lead programmer alongside two other programmers. The game went through a successful concepting and pitch in order to greenlight the prototype. The game was also exhibited at the Champlain Games Festival.

My role as a Gameplay Programmer was to make the player movement and collisions feel smooth and responsive across all surfaces to help the player get into a flow state. I also performed buildmaster tasks and some animation coding for the project.
Unity, C# - Released Decemeber 2018

Exiled is a top down level-based puzzle game created for my Advanced Seminar in Game Programming course while studying in Montreal. All the code is my own with free assets used for art and audio.

I learned a lot from this project over the course of the four months I worked on it from prototyping and scoping, to building and refactoring a codebase. Singletons were invaluable for managing sound and game state data across levels. I also built a random level generator to construct the layouts of my room-based levels. This project also allowed me to utilize some of the AI programming techniques I learned in my Game AI course during the semester. Enemies wander, patrol, and chase to challenge the player to think quick and think smart.

In all, Exiled was a great learning experience. At the start, I designed the game myself, and by the end, I released the game on Itch.io including a trailer.