June 2020
Box Voyage is a puzzle-lite adventure game set in a cruise in a box that requires players to complete puzzles, fill your fun meter and have an enjoyable, company-mandated vacation. In a box.
You can read more about my experience here
January 2020
The mech's Auto-Drive system is online. You just have to keep it that way.
June 2019
Take control of a CRT on roller skates and navigate through the level to beam a transmission back to earth.
January 2019
A first-person narrative experience about the power of friendship.
Decemeber 2018
An interactive story about the nature of power.
Decemeber 2018
A top down action-puzzler created for my Advanced Seminar in Game Programming course while studying in Montreal.
October 2018
A top-down brawler w/ a wacky 17 character roster.
August 2018
A top-down shooter about hacking into a network, before security can catch you.
January 2018
Play as Lester as he tracks down a mysteriously elusive photo across the rooftops of Neo-Moscow.
January 2017
A game about fishing and quiet contemplation.