January 2024
Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem, lets players relive the golden days of adolescence, racing Micro Machines around tracks, & using the power of virtual reality to bring otherwise impossible courses, stunts and speed to life.
July 2023
With Battle Bows, players can grab their bow and rain magical arrows down from their castle tower in this epic co-op VR tower defense game.
May 2023
Deliverance is a vertical platformmer made for Ludum Dare 53 that sends the player on a descent into the depths of heck to rescue their estranged (damned?) family and deliver them from evil.
January 2022
RPG Dice: Heroes of Whitestone takes players on an adventure through an epic RPG strategy board game on mobile. Summon and level up fantastic heroes, collect gear, and save Whitestone from evil.
June 2020
Box Voyage is a puzzle-lite adventure game set in a cruise in a box that requires players to complete puzzles, fill your fun meter and have an enjoyable, company-mandated vacation. In a box.
You can read more about my experience here
January 2020
The mech's Auto-Drive system is online. You just have to keep it that way (Global Game Jam).
June 2019
Take control of a CRT on roller skates and navigate through the level to beam a transmission back to earth.
January 2019
A first-person narrative experience about the power of friendship (Global Game Jam).
Decemeber 2018
An interactive story about the nature of power.
Decemeber 2018
A top down action-puzzler created for my Advanced Seminar in Game Programming course while studying in Montreal.
October 2018
A top-down brawler w/ a wacky 17 character roster (Montreal Champlain Game Jam).
August 2018
A top-down shooter about hacking into a network, before security can catch you.
January 2018
Play as Lester as he tracks down a mysteriously elusive photo across the rooftops of Neo-Moscow (Global Game Jam).
January 2017
A game about fishing and quiet contemplation (Global Game Jam).